Forensic Science Network (FSN), LLC, is located in Columbia, SC, and has been in business since 2002. FSN was established to primarily assist coroners and pathologists in the interpretation of toxicology reports, and to provide comprehensive toxicology testing with rapid turnaround times at affordable prices. FSN acts as a gatekeeper for clients and toxicology laboratory testing, ensuring that thorough analysis and review of each report is performed. Reviewed toxicology reports are digitally signed and sent directly to clients via fax, mail, or our secure client area.

FSN consultants are available for review of civil cases involving medical malpractice, worker's compensation, drug testing policies, and much more. Our consultants have numerous years of experience in various disciplines including forensic toxicology, clinical pharmacy, analytical chemistry, and veterinary toxicology. This experience proves invaluable for review of medical records, hospital laboratory reports, investigative reports, toxicology reports, court records, courtroom testimonies and affidavits.

FSN is available for clients nationally as well as internationally. Please feel free to learn more about FSN using the menu provided on the left. For more information, please contact us at or at the links provided below.

Contact Us:

803-233-4724 (fax)

William Brewer, Ph.D., DFTCB

Demi J. Garvin, PharmD, DFTCB

Gray D. Amick, Ph.D.